An Individual, Extendable and Mobile Above Ground Cremation Memorial Vault

Are you searching for a more personalised and enduring memorial for a loved one who has recently passed, or for a companion who may not be with you for much longer?

Are you looking to solve issues relating to cemetery capacity?

Urn Towers provide benefits and resolves many issues faced by both families and cemetery operators.

The Urn Tower Memorial Vault is a standalone, individual above ground memorial providing a final resting place for the interment of your loved ones remains. By using an Urn Tower Memorial Vault it provides you the ability to keep your loved ones remains in a variety of suitable locations including at home.

It may allow for increasing cemetery capacity and allowing families to have their loved ones remains interred in a cemetery of their choice.


For the Family

The Urn Tower Memorial Vault becomes both the Head Stone and Niche for holding Cremated Remains. The Urn Tower Memorial Vault comes in a variety of default sizes to hold from one to four urns. The original holding capacity can also be increased by the addition of an extension niche if required.  This approach also offers more privacy to visiting family and friends.

The Urn Tower Memorial Vault;

  • Provides for a more personalised and affordable memorial
  • Provides the ability to extend the holding capacity if needed
  • Allows for moving the Tower to alternate location at a later date should the need arise
  • Provides a secure method of storing Urns

For the Cemetery Provider

It solves many issues faced by cemetery providers in dealing with the problem faced by them in the areas of remaining capacity of existing cemeteries not being sufficient to meet growing demand. Often this problem has been imposed on them where current infrastructure is inadequate to meet the changing demand.

The Urn Tower Memorial Vault;

  • Increases Cemetery capacity by enabling the use of existing ground previously considered unsuitable
  • Allows for wider selection of cemetery sites as interment is above the ground
  • Is modular thus allowing cemeteries better match demand with supply 
  • Allows for reuse if required


Examples of Urn Tower Memorial Vaults


 urn-tower-gallery-image08 Cremation Memorial Alternative

  Cremation Memorial  pet memorial