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About Urn Towers Ltd.


Urn Towers Ltd. has developed and patented a product – called the Urn Tower – that allows for the storing of cremated remains in a dignified, cost effective and environmentally friendly manner.

The Urn Tower becomes both the Head Stone and Niche for holding Cremains in various configurations. The Product range can hold from one to four cremains thus allowing for the same or different Family members to be interred in the same Urn Tower. This approach also offers more privacy to visiting family and friends

The Urn Tower design allows for the installation of Urn Towers to be above ground. This gives councils and private graveyard operators options on extending the life of and developing new grave yards on lands which would previously have been considered unsuitable. The design allows for using existing or closed grave yards to accommodate additional remains thus providing additional revenue to councils.

It solves issues faced by many local councils and private graveyard operators in dealing with the problem faced by them in the areas of remaining capacity of existing graveyards not being sufficient to meet growing demand. Often this problem been imposed on them by the movement of population to new and existing population centres where current infrastructure is inadequate to meet the demand and also the increase in the overall population.

If you would like to enquire about having an Urn Tower for private family use outside of a graveyard please contact us to discuss what options are available.