When Space is an Issue?

The world is running out of burial space

Not only are there benefits for the family and friends of a loved one who has passed, Urn Towers offer many advantages to providers of final resting places;


  • Increased Cemetery Capacity by using ground previously considered unsuitable
  • Allows for a broader selection of new cemetery sites as interment is above ground
  • Reuse capability – in the event that a limit is placed on the duration of use the urn can be removed and a new urn placed into the Urn Tower
  • Modular – The Urn Tower can be installed as per demand in single or multiple unit configurations thus saving up-front investment in large capacity facilities
  • Reduced Maintenance – the material used in the construction of the Urn Tower is designed for outdoor use. Also cemetery maintenance is reduced due to small foot print of the Urn Tower
  • The Urn Tower can be installed in different configurations. From a 1 – Person Urn Tower up to a tower that can hold 4 Urns.
  • The Towers can also be replaced with towers of higher holding capacity if required.


The Urn Tower is a secure standalone device which allows for the storing of Urns holding cremated remains. The details of the contents of the Urn Tower are displayed on the outside of the Urn Tower thus providing both a means for holding Urns and providing a dignified commemorative memorial for those remains interred inside. The Urn Tower can be installed in a variety of locations such as cemeteries, homes etc. The Urn Tower is securely attached to a foundation using a set of holding bolts from inside the Urn Tower.

Urn Towers can be reserved for same family or used to hold remains of different families. The Urn Tower can be replaced with a higher holding capacity if required. Identification details are engraved using a Laser engraver. This is done on a removable plaque which is then securely attached to the outside of the Tower. Only restricted individuals will have ability to open holding bolts which are used for attaching Plaques and for opening/closing lid to add/remove Urns from the Tower.

Samples of Urn Tower installations in Ireland


after-1 after-2

Limerick – Kilmurry

Dublin – Sutton


Limerick – Mt St Lawrence


Galway – Oranmore


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