Cremation Memorial Options – The Urn Tower


Engraving Examples

The Urn Tower provides a personalised, secure, dignified and standalone memorial for allowing for the storing of Urns holding your loved ones cremated remains.

The Urn Tower can be installed in a variety of locations such as cemeteries, homes etc. Due to its design the Urn Tower can be moved to new locations if required.

It provides a focal point and place of remembrance as well as a marker for future generations. Having a place to visit helps the survivors process their grief and move closer to healing.

The Urn Tower can be replaced with a higher holding capacity if required.

Details of your loved one interred in the Urn Tower are displayed on the outside of the Urn Tower thus providing both a means for safe keeping you loved ones remains and providing a private permanent commemorative memorial along with any personal message you may have. The example photograph here shows how the engraving might look.

Identification details are engraved using a modern laser engraver. This is done on a plaque which is securely attached to the outside of the Tower.

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Another Engraving Example